In 2017, "Kolos" triumphed for the second time at the Makarov Memorial, confidently going all the way from the group stage to the final match. It is interesting that the only defeat in this tournament was suffered by Kovalivka in the first match, after which Ruslan Kostyshyn's team left the field only in the role of winners.

In its group, "Kolos" again took 2nd place, passing ahead of the backup Alchevsk "Stal". In the quarterfinals, "Kolos" very confidently won the capital's "Lokomotiv" 6: 1, goals were scored by Tsibulsky, Pozdeev, Vyshnyak, Kovtalyuk, Bondarenko, Korovikov. In the semifinals, Ruslan Kostyshyn's team won with a score of 2: 1 "Muzychi", scored by Pozdeev and Chegurko.

FINAL. January 29, 2017. "Kolos" (Kovalivka) - "Ternopil" 3: 0 Goals: Bondarenko 4, Vyshnyak 36, Morozko, 77 Withdrawn: Yashkov, 56 (Kolos) Kolos: Yashkov, Gavrilyuk, Lysytsky, Semenko, Koropetsky (Trump, 82), Pozdeev (Zuevich, 82), Ryabov (Zadoya, 46), Vyshnyak (Gavrish, 46), Tsibulsky (Morozko, 46), Chegurko (Litvinenko, 57), Bondarenko (Korovikov, 63, Kovtalyuk, 87). The head coach is Ruslan Kostyshyn

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