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"Kolos" women's team will start the second stage of the CU with a match against the current champions

Kolos - women


The All-Ukrainian Association of Women's Football has published a calendar of matches of the second stage of the Ukrainian Football Championship among women's clubs of the Premier League of the 2021/2022 season. Our team "Kolos" will start the second stage with a guest match against the current champions of Ukraine from the team "Zhytlobud-1" (Kharkiv).

It will be recalled that based on the results of the first stage, depending on the places occupied in the standings, two groups were formed, which will play two more game rounds (home / away). WFT "Kolos" took the fifth place at the previous stage and will play in the champion group:

Group 1 (1st to 6th places - determine the champion and prize-winners of the Premier League, as well as the team that will participate in the UEFA Women's Champions League 2022-2023
Group 2 (places from 7th to 11th - determine the teams that will leave the Premier League).

Calendar of the champion group:

Stage 2 - Round 1:

1 tour
Zhytlobud-2 – Ladomyr
Zhytlobud-1 – Kolos
Kryvbas – Mariupol
Voskhod – Ateks
Pantery – Karpaty
2 tour
Zhytlobud-2 – Zhytlobud-1
Kolos – Kryvbas
Ladomyr – Mariupol
EMS-Podillia – Voskhod
Ateks – Pantery
3 tour
Kryvbas – Zhytlobud-2
Zhytlobud-1 – Ladomyr
Mariupol – Kolos
Pantery – EMS-Podillia
Karpaty – Ateks
4 tour
Zhytlobud-2 – Mariupol
Zhytlobud-1 – Kryvbas
Ladomyr – Kolos
EMS-Podillia – Karpaty
Voskhod – Pantery
5 tour
Kolos – Zhytlobud-2
Mariupol – Zhytlobud-1
Kryvbas – Ladomyr
Ateks – EMS-Podillia
Karpaty – Voskhod

Stage 2 - Round 2:

6 tour
Ladomyr – Zhytlobud-2
Kolos – Zhytlobud-1
Mariupol – Kryvbas
Ateks – Voskhod
Karpaty – Pantery
7 tour
Zhytlobud-1 – Zhytlobud-2
Kryvbas – Kolos
Mariupol – Ladomyr
Voskhod – EMS-Podillia
Pantery – Ateks
8 tour
Zhytlobud-2 – Kryvbas
Ladomyr – Zhytlobud-1
Kolos – Mariupol
EMS-Podillia – Pantery
Ateks – Karpaty
9 tour
Mariupol – Zhytlobud-2
Kryvbas – Zhytlobud-1
Kolos – Ladomyr
Karpaty – EMS-Podillia
Pantery – Voskhod
10 tour
Zhytlobud-2 – Kolos
Zhytlobud-1 – Mariupol
Ladomyr – Kryvbas
EMS-Podillia – Ateks
Voskhod – Karpaty

The start of the second stage is scheduled for March 2022. Match dates will be approved later.