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U-19: “Dnipro-1” - “Kolos” - 2:1



"Kolos" sadly lost on the road in the match of the 11th round of the U-19 championship "Dnipro-1", missing in the penultimate minute of the match.

Everything started well for Kovalivka's team.  In the 10th minute, Kyrylo Senko played great in the interception, and with a twisted jewelry shot sent the ball into the ninth goal of the hosts - 0:1.

In the middle of the first half Dnipro's team responded with a sweeping attack, and our goalkeeper Oleksii Drui made a save after a close shot by Christian Svistun.  After that, our team had two opportunities to increase the advantage - first Dmytro Irodovsky scored in the wall from a promising penalty from twenty meters to the goal, and then Senko did not hit the goal from the bottom position in the center.

But in the 55th minute the team from "Dnipro-1" equalized.  Vladyslav Kanaev put a "barrier" to Kravchenko and received yellow card.  Serhii Lebedev approached the ball and scored from the penalty spot into the bottom corner of Druya's goal - 1:1.  Then there was a level game, and a draw would have been more logical in the match, but a minute and a half before the end of regular time Nikita Kononov successfully played on the selection, and a cannon shot to the left of the rack brought victory to "Dnipro-1".

1:2 - "Kolos" is sadly behind and Oleksandr Pozdeyev's team has 13 points left in the standings.  The next game is in a week, again away, now against "Zoria" youth.

U-19 Championship.  Season 2021/2022.  Round 11
 Dnipro.  Manege of NTB "Dnipro-1".  10/15/2021;  12:00
 SC "Dnipro-1" U-19 (Dnipro) - "Kolos" U-19 (Kovalivka) - 2:1 (0:1)
S. Lebedev (55), M. Kononov (89) - K. Senko (10)

SC "Dnipro-1" U-19: 12.Kinareikin Yakiv, 2.Kononov Mykyta, 14.Popov Bohdan, 27.Berezanskyi Ruslan, 26.Chalyi Bohdan, 8.Lebediev Serhii (K), 10.Matiushenko Ivan, 19.Melnychenko Maksym, 9.Demydenko Ivan, 7.Svystun Kristian, 11.Kravchenko Yaroslav
Substitutes: 34.Parshykov Maksym, 3.Iurkevych Nazar, 21.Shchurov Maksym, 6.Beshliaha Maksym, 22.Iershov Illia, 24.Nikolyshyn Oleksandr, 15.Kolodezhnyi Vladyslav, 16.Rudenko Daniil, 25.Kivinda Daniel

Head coach - Shchekotylin Hennadii

«Kolos» U-19: 31.Drui Oleksii, 6.Litvinov Oleksandr (K), 13.Kanaiev Vladyslav, 26.Harkavenko Denys, 2.Bykov Yevhenii, 8.Kryvoruchko Oleh, 15.Obushnyi Yevhenii (9.Mamedov Arzuman, 65), 10.Senko Kyrylo, 17.Irodovskyi Dmitrii (11.Tsyhankov Anton, 80), 67.Danyliuk Yevhen, 69.Osadets Danyil
Substitutes: 1.Pakholiuk Ivan, 24.Ukhan Illia, 14.Korniichuk Serhii, 21.Stavnychyi Viacheslav, 7.Ursolov Stanislav

Head coach  - Pozdieiev Oleksandr

Referee: Andrii Moseychuk
 Assistant 1: Mustafayev Hussein
 Assistant 2: Brikun Oleksandr
 4th referee: Yevtukhov Dmytro
 Arbitration observer: Kovalenko Hennadii