UEFA Conference League: ticket sales for the match continue!

The historical event for our club is getting closer and closer - the first European Cup match in Kovalivka! The match of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League "Kolos" - "Shakhter" (Kazakhstan) will take place on August 5, and the starting whistle at the stadium "Kolos" will sound at 21:00.


Tickets for the game are already on sale, and you can buy them online on the specialized portal esport.in.ua. Follow THIS LINK and order tickets online! Note that the sale of tickets is carried out on a small fan stand, which has remained since the days of the old stadium, and which is so loved by many of our fans (in the diagram, its name is "East stand" - sectors 10, 11, 12).



Warning! Access to the stadium will be carried out only with a ticket and a document (passport for adults and ID card / birth certificate for children)! Also, adult fans will be able to use the application "ДІЯ" in their mobile phone, and children will be allowed to the match only accompanied by adults.

Hurry up to buy tickets for the first historic European Cup match in Kovalivka!



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